1- In Turkish abstract, please obey the rules of the last guides of The Turkish Language Institution.
2- The presentations have to be presented / printed anywhere yet.
3- The presentation time is limited to 15 minutes. Also, there is a question section will be devoted for 5 minutes.
4-During the symposium, there is an appropriate environment for presentations. If the participants of symposium want an exceptional device, the participants will have to notify that to secretaria of symposium
5- The presentations have to be prepared to A4 paper, in the margins of 2.5 cm from top to bottom and left to right. Fullpaper of presentations is limited to 15 pages.
6-  The headline of presentaions have to be prepared as  “Times New Roman”, 12 points, bold, single line spaced and centered on the page.
7- The writer(s) of presentation has to be notified their address(es), workpalace and mail in the bottom of the first page with the characters of “Times New Roman” and 10 points.
8- The abstracts of presentations that 200-250 words (English) prepared as above may be submitted toissascongress@gmail.comin accordance with the draft below:

​Presentation Title:


Presentation Abstract:

Key Words:

Exhibition Participating Form: